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New Hampshire Lactation Consulting

Connecting families with board certified lactation and infant feeding support all over New Hampshire

About Us

New Hampshire Lactation Consulting is a collaboration between Private Practice International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC's) in New Hampshire. A Private Practice IBCLC is a recognized healthcare professional who practices independently within the community, rather than at a hospital or doctors office. We are available to support families outside of a traditional medical setting, while still functioning as an integral member of the healthcare team. Our diverse experiences and heightened level of autonomy allow us to provide a more wholistic approach to care. Our passion is rooted in lactation but our expertise spans a much wider range of services. We recognize that each family has different feeding and childrearing goals, and we are here to help with whatever those goals may be. To locate support near you, browse our providers below! Insurance coverage is available.

Click "Learn More" to link directly to a providers website for more information.

Meet Our Providers

Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit IBCLC NHLC

Kim Weiss-Lewit IBCLC

Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit IBCLC


Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit is a masters prepared IBCLC offering telehealth, home visits in the Upper Valley, and office visits in Hanover. Her specialty areas include telehealth; comprehensive care of tethered oral tissues; older babies; and weaning. She also has advanced training in therapeutic breast massage and perinatal mental health support. She offers loving evidence based guidance. Her care is rooted in the belief that families know their babies and bodies best. She is contracted with TLN and she is also in network with Aetna & BCBS. 

Christine McKenney IBCLC NHLC

Christine McKenney, IBCLC

WOOM Wellness


Christine McKenney is an RN IBCLC offering home visits within 40 mins of Portsmouth. She has flexible hours, and also offers telehealth. Her 13 years of experience includes NICU, postpartum, and prenatal care. Christine has a passion for bringing people together to create community, and for helping new families to build their village. She is a childbirth and parenting educator, yoga instructor, and car seat safety technician. She often hosts groups, classes, and events. She has advanced training in tongue and lip ties. She is contracted with TLN.

Jackie Osanitsch IBCLC NHLC

Jackie Osanitsch, IBCLC

Sensible Lactation


Jackie Osanitsch is an RN IBCLC offering home visits in the Littleton area, as well as telehealth visits. Jackie is an experienced labor and delivery nurse, IBCLC and reiki master, and she is also pursuing her Nurse Practitioner certification. Jackie specializes in the transition home and the immediate postpartum period. She has advanced training in tongue and lip ties; pre and post release care. Jackie's calling is to support new mothers so that they can feel comfortable and confident in their feeding journeys. She is contracted with TLN.

Kimberly Jarest IBCLC NHLC

Kimberly Jarest, IBCLC

Embracing Lactation


Kimberly Jarest is an IBCLC offering home visits and telehealth in the Monadnock Region. She specializes in exclusively pumping, breast pump education, milk output concerns while pumping, and milk donation. She has personal experience with exclusively pumping from her journey as a gestational surrogate. She is a La Leche League Leader for the Monadnock Region La Leche League. Kimberly supports all avenues of infant feeding and is dedicated to supporting families as they desire. She is contracted with TLN.

Sara Alanis IBCLC NHLC

Sara Alanis, IBCLC

Nourish Lactation


Sara Alanis is an RN IBCLC offering office visits in Bedfordhome visits in the greater Manchester area, and telehealth. She has years of maternity, NICU, and lactation experience, and is a certified Infant Feeding Specialist in addition to an IBCLC. Sara's specialty areas include tie evaluation, release preparation and aftercare;  bottle feeding difficulties;  pumping; and feeding aversion. She has a passion for supporting parental autonomy and for providing care that is tailored to each family's specific goals. She is contracted with TLN.

Laura Stone IBCLC NHLC

Laura Stone, IBCLC

Seacoast Lactation


Laura Stone is a masters prepared RN IBCLC, offering home visits along the Seacoast of NH, from Portsmouth to Derry, as well as telehealth. Laura has 24 years experience as a nurse and 6 years of lactation experience. She specializes in the care of preterm infants, feeding plans for complex cases, and general prenatal/postpartum support. Laura leads a postpartum support group at Exeter Hospital. She is contracted with TLN. She meets families where they are at while supporting them in their breastfeeding journeys.

Maryann Lessard IBCLC NHLC

Maryann Lessard, IBCLC

Breastfeeding Links 603


Maryann Lessard is an RN IBCLC offering home visits within 45 minutes of Gilford, in The Lakes Region. She has been an IBCLC since 1994 and has over 40 years of experience working with breastfeeding families as a hospital based Registered Nurse, Lactation Consultant, and Home Visiting Nurse. Her specialty areas include: general lactation care, infant sleep, and comforting and soothing newborns. She is contracted with TLN and is eager to support new families in confidently reaching their breastfeeding goals.

Kaitlyn McElroy IBCLC NHLC

Kaitlyn McElroy, IBCLC

Latched On Mama


Kaitlyn McElroy is an RN IBCLC offering home visits within 20 miles of Nashua, as well as telehealth visits. Kaitlyn has 7 years of experience as a labor and maternity nurse, and 5 years as an IBCLC. Kaitlyn's specialty areas include the impacts of birth practices on breastfeeding, and maternal child health. She also has advanced training in the management of tethered oral tissues. Her empathetic nature and personal feeding experiences make her easy for families to relate to. She is contracted with TLN and available to help 24/7.


Sue Martin, IBCLC

Lactation Home Services


Sue Martin is an RN IBCLC offering visits at her home office in Pelham, and also home visits within one hour of Pelham. She has 30 years of Lactation Consulting experience, with advanced training in prematurity, clinical complexities,  tethered oral tissues, and craniosacral therapy- which she provides as an adjunct to lactation care. She is available daily for in-person visits or for telehealth, and she is contracted with TLN. Her commitment to her patients is evident in the unsurpassed aftercare that she provides.


Amanda Gilman, IBCLC

The Mama Coach


Amanda Gilman has 10 years of experience as an RN IBCLC serving Concord & The Lakes Region. She offers home, office or telehealth consultations. Amanda loves to prepare families for birth and their transition into parenthood. Her specialty areas are prenatal education, low milk supply, slow weight gain, colic and bottle refusal. She has additional training in tethered oral tissues, and is also a Sleep Consultant. Amanda understands the importance of individualized care specific to each family and their goals. She is contracted with TLN.


Susan Dauer, IBCLC

Breastfeed NH


Susan Dauer is an RN IBCLC offering home visits within 30 minutes of Derry, as well as telehealth. Susan's practice may be new to NH, but Susan is not new to practice- having  provided community lactation support and hospital based maternity care for over 10 years in CA. Susan strives to help families reduce stress by supporting each family's individual goals. Maternal mental health is of utmost importance to her. Susan specializes in babies under three months old, pumping, and return to work planning. She is contracted with TLN. 


Lo Nigrosh, IBCLC

Quabbin Birth Services


Lo Nigrosh is an IBCLC offering telehealth visits and home visits for families in and around Cheshire County.  She also has an office in Athol MA. In addition to an IBCLC, Lo is also a birth doula & childbirth educator. Lo specializes in compassionate care for difficult situations. Her goal is to help families have confidence through each step of  their own unique journey. She is keenly aware of systemic and cultural barriers that can make human milk feeding difficult. Lo can provide insurance covered support for most major insurance companies.


Jennifer Yager, IBCLC

Professional In Home

Lactation Services


Jennifer Yager is an RN IBCLC offering home visits within 30 minutes of Portsmouth NH, as well as telehealth. She has 19 years of experience working with families in NICU, labor & delivery, and postpartum care. She works closely with families of premature infants, newborns, and multiples. She also provides prenatal education. Jennifer is dedicated to providing personalized care and support through expert guidance and education. She is contracted with TLN and is eager to help families navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood. 

IMG_3175 (1).jpg

Tricia Kezar, IBCLC

Sunrise Lactation


Tricia Kezar is an RN IBCLC offering home visits within 20 miles of Epping. She also offers telehealth. Tricia brings to her practice 20 years of experience as a maternal child health nurse. Her specialty areas include prenatal education, the newborn period and assessment of oral function. She has advanced training in the care of tethered oral tissues, oral habituation, and bottle refusal. Tricia strives to empower parents with a compassionate individualized approach to lactation and infant feeding. She is contracted with TLN.

Farrah Sheehan IBCLC NHLC

Farrah Sheehan, IBCLC

Farrah Sheehan Perinatal Professional Services


Farrah Sheehan is a masters prepared IBCLC and certified childbirth educator. She offers home visits within 45 miles of Amherst, has access to office space in Manchester and Wilton, and offers telehealth. Farrah's specialty areas include infant feeding following trauma; infant feeding with a history of substance use; and infant feeding for minority and LGBTQAI+ families. Her advanced training in health equity and in birth trauma recovery guide her wholistic and compassionate approach to infant feeding. She is contracted with TLN.

Wendy Jordan IBCLC NHLC

Wendy Jordan, IBCLC

Seacoast Lactation


Wendy Jordan is an IBCLC offering home visits along the Seacoast of NH, as well as in the Littleton area. She also offers telehealth services. Wendy has over 26 years of experience as an IBCLC.  She specializes in creating individualized care plans for preterm infants, twins, and infants with slow weight gain, as well as general and complex prenatal/postpartum care. Wendy is contracted with TLN, and she is also in network with Aetna. She is passionate about providing solutions that are manageable and flexible for the whole family.


Sarah McNamara, IBCLC

Sarah McNamara IBCLC


Sarah McNamara is an IBCLC offering home visits in Southern NH, as well as telehealth visits.
She has 12 years of experience working with a diverse population of families as a

prenatal educator, and she has provided care at a hospital breastfeeding clinic in Boston for the past 5 years. She also facilitates a weekly breastfeeding support group.

Sarah enjoys working with families of premature infants, newborns and multiples. She provides compassionate, evidence-based education and support to meet the unique needs and goals of each family. She is contracted with TLN and available to see families most days of the week.


New Member, IBCLC

Coming Soon

If you are a small business owning solo IBCLC in Private Practice in New Hampshire and you would like information about joining the collaborative please click Learn More to send us an email!


The Lactation Network, also known as TLN, is a durable medical supplier who bills insurance for Lactation Consultants. Lactation Consultants contracted with TLN are currently able to accept many Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United, Unicare, and VA CCN plans, as well as many PPO subsidiaries of these plans, and also plans from carriers with a PNOA or Multiplan logo on the back of the card. Coverage may be under either the lactating parent OR the breastmilk receiving baby- it does not have to be both. Each IBCLC has a unique link on their website for parents to use to check coverage. Please visit your IBCLCs website to locate their link, or use this link to be connected with the first available consultant.

The Lactation Network
If you are not insured by a TLN covered insurance plan know that you may still be eligible for reimbursement for services rendered by an IBCLC.
Not all plans provide reimbursement, but many do. All of our providers offer superbills for claim submission.
Some of our providers are also in-network with non-TLN insurance carriers, such as Aetna.
You can read about the law governing health insurance coverage here. Contact your IBCLC for more information.
Not all lactation professionals are board certified providers. Lots are just helpers for when things are generally going well!
Unfortunately, anybody can call themselves a Lactation Consultant, so it is important to ask if they are IBCLC certified. All of our providers are.

Why see an IBCLC, and not a different type of "Lactation Consultant" if you are having a problem? ...Because IBCLC's are the only lactation professional with the scope of practice that allows them to be recognized as an allied health professional.  

Click Here for more information.

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